Teacher, why use Moodle?

Why use Moodle?

As a busy classroom teacher of multi-level classes I need some way to make my different courses work available to all my students at all times. (This would apply to my normal classes as well. All classes tend to be multi-level in some ways ... "differentiated learning")

I need a way of being able to quickly direct students to their current task, after being absent or having joined the class late in the year.

I need a place for students to hand in completed work, for it not to get lost, and a way to grade the work and give feedback.

I need activities that students can use to check their own progress and reinforce their understanding.

I need a gradebook to monitor all student progress and feedback given.

I need access to reports which tell me who has been online and what they were accessing.

I need a base camp that will link to all my other online bits n pieces like Google Drive.

Moodle allows this to happen and offers so much more.

What is the best way to use Moodle?"

Use a Moodle course for each Achievement Standard or for each strand (e.g. Number, Algebra, Measurement ...) rather than try have one large course for your entire year. This makes it far more manageable for you the teacher and for the student. Link to example of courses.

Use Google Docs for student work, either with the teacher distributing the docs using GClassroom or Doctopus (essential for the teacher to be the owner of the document if being used for assessments - so Doctopus or sharing individually would be required). The Moodle Assignment activity can be used for students to "hand the work in" and to receive a grade/feedback.

What about Google Classroom?

Google Classroom has it's place, but setting up course work in GClassroom is an ongoing process and with a number of classes to run at one time it is unrealistic to keep up.

Its "Faceboook" type setup, where old posts disappear off the bottom of the page, make it unsuitable for students who join the course late or for re-using the course the following year.

It is great for sending notifications and sharing docs with students, but students do get tired of the barrage of emails from us teachers (and start ignoring them). Personally, for sharing docs, I go for Doctopus (a GDrive addon) which has a number of advantages over the how GClassroom handles the sharing of docs.

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