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Basic Algebra Terms, Like terms, Expanding, Substitution, Equations, Factorising (Common factor and Quadratics), Exponents, Word Problems. Parts of Speech Nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, preposition, conjunctions, interjections, articles.    Computer and Internet Competency Certificate Your learning space, computer essentials, internet basics, internet safety, your internet profile, keyboard skills
Basic Graphs Co-ordinates, Scatter plots, Line graphs, Distance-time graphs, Gradient and intercepts, Algebraic graphs. Figurative Speech Similes, metaphor, hyperbole, oxymoron, alliteration, onomatopeia, personification, irony, paradox, pun, understatement, euphemism.
Stats Graphs 1 Interpreting Data, Bar Graphs, Dot Plots, Strip Graphs, Pictograms, Pie Graphs, Stem and Leaf, Line Graphs BBC Bitesize  English KS2

KS2 English - Links to old and new versions Bitesize activities with local games and quizzes. 

Statistics Calculating Averages, Choosing the Best Average, Quartiles, Spread.    
Mathemoodlics 10 question quizzes on topics from all strands. Students go into the draw for two $20 vouchers per term.        
Level 1 US Number Covers the current unit standards. US8489, 8490, 5224, 5225, 5227.
Not too sure if this course will be valid from 2012.
Level 1 US Non-Number Covers the non-number unit standard. US5228, 8492, 5223, 8491.
Also not sure about 2012
English Grammar I Taken from and ESOL website: Adjectives & adverbs, nouns, comparatives, prepositions.
Basic Arithmetic Very basic multiplication, addition, subtraction quizzes and games. English Grammar II Taken from and ESOL website:  Nouns, adjectives&pronouns, punctuation, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions.

WeLCom Open Courses provide WeLCom students with the opportunity for extra tuition or practise in certain subject areas.

Any WeLCom user can enrol themselves in the courses.

Most of the open course have certificates which are automatically generated once all tasks are completed (100% is required for an activity completion).

Students will be issued with three "tickets" for the termly draw for each certificate that they earn in the open courses.

Teachers are encouraged to make use of these for their classes.

Let the ePrincipal know if there are any particular subject areas that you want added.

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