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Saving Server Space

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Book: Saving Server Space
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Date: Saturday, 23 February 2019, 7:22 PM


We are only allocated 5GB of server space for our site.  We are always over this limit. Before I got rid of all the old clutter we were at 40GB surprise

Apart from server space, it is also a good idea to keep your courses as small as possible as this makes them far more portable (should you want to move them to another Moodle site)

This book has a couple of chapters about good practise when creating Moodle courses.

Don't let students upload anything!

For all assignment work, don't let the students upload any files, especially media files. This is usually the biggest culprit for making courses large.

A good way of handling this is to use Google Drive as follows

  • At the beginning of the year students make a folder in their GDrive for your subject's assignments.
  • They change the share settings of the folder to "Anyone with link".
  • You add an assignment at the top of your course page called "Assignment Folders" where the students paste their links.
  • Students upload all their assignment files to that folder.

  • All assignments you add to your course allow "Online text" submission only.
  • Students paste the link to their file on the assignment submission page. 

Embed media

Try not upload any images or video to your course page. Rather add the media to a folder on your GDrive and embed from there.

There is a trick to embedding video from GDrive

Change the end of the share link from "/view?usp=sharing" to "/preview"

e.g. If this was your share link:

then your iframe code becomes something like:

<iframe src="" width="480" height="360"></iframe>

results in

Displaying images from GDrive

To display an image from GDrive

The result is:

Image from GDrive