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Useful Links

A collection of useful links for students and teachers

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Book: Useful Links
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Date: Thursday, 24 May 2018, 10:39 AM

Popular Search Engines

www Search Engines

Hover your mouse over the images below to find out more about the search engine.
Click the image to go to the search engine.
A new window (or tab) will open.

The most popular search engine worldwide.
Another very popular search engine.
Previously called Ask Jeeves, now combine with Teoma to form a full search engine.
A New Zealand dedicated search engine.
Has a different approach to presenting results.
Previously called MSN search - large, fresh, unique database

An engine that searches other engines. Very useful searching tool.

Useful sites for students

BBC Schools
BBC Schools - A number of subjects covered at many different levels.
Ages 11-16; Ages 16+
s-cool - UKs leading revision website - Free.
GCSE; AS Level

Google Shakespeare - a new site specifically for the works of William Shakespeare and related resources. Users have access to the full texts of Shakespeare's 37 plays and can search for words or phrases. The site also has links to academic resources concerning the plays, online groups that focus on Shakespeare, and videos of stage productions of Shakespeare's plays.

Chemistry Learning Tools - Animated Tutorials and Models for Chemistry. Dozens of animated films and tutorials to explain Chemistry concepts.

Larry Green's Maths Applet Page - Contains dozens of interactive tutorials and discovery exercises for beginning, intermediate, and college algebra. From very simple adding and subtracting through to calculus and statistics

NCEA Links

StudyIT - a great website for Y11-13 NZ students in a number of subject areas.
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Human Biology, English
NCEA resources for INTERNAL assessments

NZQA - Learner Login
NCEA on the NZQA site - plenty of information and EXTERNAL assessment examples.

Have you seen:

eLearning Blogs

Educational Origami - "This is about ICT and education. Thoughts & reflections on integrating ICT in the classroom and across the school." Andrew Churches from Kritin school keep an an eye on what is available for teaches to use in their eLearning - usually with a focus on things that are FREE.

The Moodleman Blog - "My name is Julian Ridden and here I will post the odd bits of Moodle news and Moodle related activities I come across".
Julian is amazing - a definite for Moodle enthusiasts.

Links used in WeLCom courses

WeLCom teachers are finding heaps of useful sites for their online courses. This database will allow teachers to share what they have found with others.

Anyone can add to this database - just fill in all the fields and we will end up with an incredible resource.