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Date: Thursday, 24 May 2018, 10:38 AM


The WeLCom website provides teachers with the means to develop an online component for their classes.

Many of the WeLCom teachers use the online learning environment that the website (using Moodle) provides to augment their teaching by
  • making resources/activities available to students online
  • making some of the required course work or homework to be completed online
  • using computer sessions for class work
  • setting up courses for students who are not coping in the classroom
  • personalised and differentiated learning
Some of the WeLCom teachers are moving towards a true blended approach to their teaching, teaching their "hybrid" classes in the classroom and online.
Use the chapter headings on the left to work through some WeLCom Guidelines
Other Quick Links

Getting Help

WeLCom teachers can get help in a number of ways.

Help available on the WeLCom site for learning about creating an OLE:

Start with the Teacher's FAQ. If the help is not there then either add a new message to that forum or check out the other help options below.

WeLCom Help Site 
Moodle for Classroom Teachers (M4CT)
Help with HotPots
Creating Online Activities
Support For Students

2. Send Anton (ePrincipal) an email or a message (within this site).

Anton's booking sheet can be found in the staffroom. You can check his availability and make a booking here.

3. Speak to one of your local Moodle gurus.

4. documentation and forums

5. eBook : Teachers Manual


Messaging has been disable for all users, however teacher can ask to have it enabled for their students.

Teachers and students in VC classes all have access to the messaging. 

A far better option for teachers is the "Dialogue Activity". Basically you are setting up a conversation with selected students. Check out this page for more details on the Dialogue.

Enrolling Students

Adding students on the WeLCom website we need the first name, surname, year level and email address.

It can happen that new students are not included in the intial bulk upload at the begining of the year. There are a few ways to get your new students added to the site.

Adding (enroling) students to your course:

Once a user is registered on the WeLCom site you can assign them the role of student in your course. (In other words add them as a student to your course).

Removing students from your course

Monitoring student activity

Moodle Reports

There is a heap of reporting that goes on in the background of Moodle. To gain the most out of all your hard work in developing an online component of your teaching is to get know the reporting side of course.

You will find the reports in the Navigation block of your course.

Check out the WeLCom Help Site pages:

The Gradebook

The "Grades" option in the Settings block takes you to an amazing amount data. The deeper you go the more detailed the analysis.

As with the reporting side of Moodle, the gradebook will allow you to get the most out the online component of your teaching.

End of Year "Roll Over"

What should teachers do at the end of the year to prepare for the next year's classes?

Teachers have a number of options but this is the one most often followed on the WeLCom site.

1. Backup you course.
First "Backup" your course and download a copy of the backup file produced. (It is a zipped file, click on the name of the file and select "Save". It might be a good idea to rename this file so that you can recognise it easily - if you ever want to restore the course later)

2. Remove your current students.
Once you have finished with your course for the year you can remove your students by clicking "Assign Roles" in the Admin block.
  • Click Assign Roles
  • Click Students
  • Select all the students that you want to remove. (Use "ctrl click" to multi select or "shift click" to select all between the first and last selection)
  • Click Remove
cool Note: You wont lose any of the student data. If you reassign an ex-student to your course then all their activity/grades/feedback will be accessible.

3. Assign your new students.
  • Click Assign Roles
  • Click Students
  • Use the Search (lower right) to find your individual students or school year group (On WeLCom you can filter out a year group by typing the first letter of the school followed by a two digit number for the year that they entered secondary school e.g. D06 would be DHS students who entered Y9 in 2006 - they would be the Y13s in 2010.
    • So for 2010
      S12 = SC Y7
      C11 = CC Y8
      D10 = DHS Y9
      R09 = RC Y10
      M08 = MC Y11
      K07 = KC Y12
      T06 = TC Y13
  • Select the student(s) by clicking on their names
  • Click Add
You should be ready to run with your course for your next group.

Using MyPortfolio

myportfolioLoging in to MyPortfolio

You must log into the MyPortfolio site via the link on the front page of WeLCom.

If you want to create a shortcut for this link it is

Note that you cannot log into directly.

Note that students don't see the MyPortfolio link on the front page, automatically. Teachers must let Anton know when they want to start using MyPortfolio with their students and he will activate the link for them.


Click the "Question Box" which is a forum for our FAQs

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